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God in Science Octoberfest - 2008

For the month of October the AY Department hosted an Octoberfest for our youth to demonstrate God in Science.  Each youth was asked to create a science project using the following criteria:

Step One: Define an area that you would like to study with the focus on God in Science. (Think of bible scriptures) 

Step Two: Start reading GENERAL things that are in the area you have defined. (Think of more bible scriptures)

Step Three: From your research gather details about the subject. You want to be able to experiment, measure and gather numbers. (Begin to gather more bible scriptures)

Step Four: Please be prepared to present and demonstrate your God in Science project to your AY members during the Octoberfest. That is what a great project is about showing the beauty of God. (Remember to include bible scriptures with you project make them visible or recite them)

(Front row:  Moriah Wade, Josiah Wade, Noah Wade, Zaria Thompson, Brittany Taylor; Back row:  Benjamin Taylor, Amaya Sims, Evan Paulden, Patrice Laney, Daphanne Wiley)

Amaya demonstrates how to blow up a balloon using simple household items.

Patrice demonstrates to troubles encountered from not telling the truth.

Evan gives proof positive that God created the world

Zaria shows how water is absorbed in flowers.

Josiah demonstrates how to make your own cloud.


Moriah proves that only God can create life.


Noah made paper and paint

Regis showed how to make an egg float.

Bro. Taylor showed off his rock collection.

Ms. Kamelia proved that God created the solar system.